AMB reheating furnace

As you may know AMB is working on the realization of a walking beam reheating furnace in Bangladesh.
The furnace is design for carbon steel billets of 160mm side and lenght 6000mm charged on two rows or 12000mm one row and it will produce:
. 150 tons with hot charge
. 130 tons with cold charge

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engineering reehating furnace

Main features

The main features of this project is to reduce the reheating time while maintaining high efficiency thanks to a constant heating temperature.
Reducing reheating time means reducing energy consumption and consequently the CO2 and NOx emissions in the atmosphere

AMB is always by your side from the feasibility study to the commissioning

steel structures reheating furnace

Steel structures are ready to become a reheating furnace

For months our engineers have studied the best way to design the reheating furnace to be sure to reach the best possible efficiency.
Finally the first steel structures are coming to life and their ready in our warehouse to ne shipped to Bangladesh where they will be assembled all together.

steel structures reheating furnace