Revamping your rolling mill has never been easier

AMB offers not only new solutions for new plants, but also the possibility to revamp existing plants thanks to ad hoc engineering based on assessments collected in the field.
Revamping an old fashion rolling mill means realize very specific solutions that can adapt to the existing system.
AMB is proud to offer its 360° services also in the process of innovation of the plant to reach the highest level of efficiency.

AMB can help you with:

  • the revamping of complete rolling mill
  • upgrading of capacity’s plant
  • securing of the plant
  • automation, software and electric modernisation of rolling mill
  • offering new environmental solutions
revamping software
plant revamp

Choose AMB to revamp you plant

Thanks to our specialists AMB can help you to upgrade your rolling mill plant from the feasibility study to the erection, realizing also customized product requirements.

The new tools will allow you to work in total safety incrementing the production and the efficiency and reducing, at the same time, the management and the cost.

Our aims are to:

  • increase rolling capacity
  • higher flexibility
  • improve tollerance
  • minimize of stoppage periods
  • minimize the time required to put the plant back in full operation
  • reduce the environmental impact

All our technicians and engineers are engaged in an ongoing learning-process to keep update about all the news in the steel industry.

AMB as always takes into account the technical informations coming from the filed during the commisioning of the plants.

In this way AMB can always offer the latest technologies to our customers who will be able to obtain a state-of-the-art plant.

We’re always projected in the research for new solutions to make the plants more efficient, reliable and to support with our updated engineering and skilled personnel


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