A complete rolling mill plant during a worldwide pandemic

AMB has realized, delivered and commissioned a complete rolling mill for special steels in Pakistan, despite all the problems related to covid-19.
Our engineering has upgraded the existing rolling mill from the old production of 35,000MT/y to a final production of 150,000MT/y.

The commission includes the engineering, installation and commissioning of finishing mill, cooling bed, material handing and package accessories, descaling system and others mentioned in scope of work keeping the existing roughing mill and reheating furnace mostly in its current state, and it also incorporates automation mechanism.


final rolling mill

All this joint to an efficient programming permits a significant reduction in processing costs

High quality of the final product

Achieved thanks to fixed rolling axes, minimun tension control, optimized roll pass design for all products, compact and rigid construction to with stand heavy rolling loads, cartridge type housingless stands, start/stop type flying shears along the mill for cropping of the rolled stock


Keeping constant the total investment cost it’s possible to increase the yearly productivity of the plant increasing its efficiency

Economical operation

Special care has been given to reduce the transofrmation costs: energy saving, minimization of the operating personnel by means of a user-friendly automation system


There's the possibility to follow the changing of the market requirements or to exploit in full the market niches. In our plants this target is achieved by means of the following main parameters: wide range of products in term of dimension and type, short time to set-up the mill for the production

The proposed plant layout has been studied to give a rational disposition to all components of the plant, so as to facilitate any operation to be carried out.
The various technological and auxiliary areas of the plant are arranged keeping in due consideration material flow and process concepts, requirements of raw material feeding and storage/delivery of the finished products.


It’s already existing and will be upgraded by customer up to 15 Mt/h


Finishing train is composed of 14 stands in horizontal and vertical configuration. Each stand is driven by dedicated AC electric motor


There are different types of shears for cropping, scapping or to divide the rolled stock in prefixed lenghts. These shears are flying start-stop type.


Bars are cooled in a rack type cooling bed. The cooling bed is complete of apron roller entry way to receive, brake and discharge the bars onto cooling grids